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Ass Savers

Ass Savers Regular - Mander Monster Mayhem

Ass Savers Regular - Mander Monster Mayhem

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• Four color deluxe screen print
 Patented FLIP-TIPª attachment system
 Easy to mount, requires no tools
 Suitable for tire widths between 23-35 mm

The Monster Mayhem design from our previous collaboration with MANDER is back! It sold out way too fast last time so we decided to bring it back in fresh new colors!

Martin Ander has created a name for himself as a unique artist with an eye for details. The style is deeply rooted in 70's comics, mashed up with graffiti and dark humor references. Martins work includes everything from underground club flyers to doctors dissertations. In recent years, his sharp pen has caused quite some international stir and some of his latest work features album covers for hiphop legend KRS-One and t-shirt prints for the synthesizer gurus at MOOG.

"We love the quirky details in his artworks and his precision in the selection of objects and contexts. There's always an extra layer of twisted hints that doesn't show at first sight. In our opinion it's the storytelling qualities that makes Martin a great illustrator and not only a perfectionist executor of style." Staffan Weigel, founder Ass Savers

"I have always had respect for companies that have an aesthetic thought with their products. After my first conversation with Ass Savers, I immediately understood that we will be able to create magic together. I am proud to present my work for the cycling world through Ass Savers mudguards." - Martin Ander, illustrator
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