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Chrome Industries

Chrome Industries X Dustychamp Cycling Gloves

Chrome Industries X Dustychamp Cycling Gloves

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CREDIT RACING, which has been a leader in Japanese action sports since the early 1990s, HIDE AND SEEK, which expresses the "BORN FREE" lifestyle through fashion, and CHROME, which has a close relationship with urban cycle culture.

The allies responsible for these three brands have teamed up to create DUSTY CHAMP, a new brand that aims to fuse vintage style with professional specs.

A little less than two years have passed since the first collection, which caused a sensation in various scenes, and now a new product has been released, marking the beginning of the second season.

DUSTYCHAMP GLOVES is a DUSTYCHAMP model of CYCLING GLOVES, which is a standard item and has a good reputation for its ease of use and cost performance. The "WILDEAST" logo is printed on the fingers and the diamond logo is printed on the back of the hand.

• Nylon-polyester-polyurethane
• Compatible with touch panel

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