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Elite Jet Plus Coca-Cola 750mL Water Bottle

Elite Jet Plus Coca-Cola 750mL Water Bottle

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Jet Plus is Elite's new bottle made in biodegradable plastic material featuring protective cap and the official Coca-Cola design for a beautiful, limited edition collectible product, perfect for sports and everyday use.

Jet Plus Coca-Cola combines the best in quality and performances of the most appreciated Elite bottles such as lightness and abundant liquid flow, all the while integrating the use of biodegradable plastic material to lessen the environmental impact of this water bottle.


Jet Plus Coca-Cola is manufactured with an innovative plastic material treated with a special additive that makes it possible to lower the time it takes for the bottle to decompose when entering the regular industrial composting cycles.


The new version of this bottle is equipped with a practical protective cap, designed to ensure maximum protection of the spout from dust, mud and external agents, perfect for mountain bike and gravel cycling.

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