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God & Famous

God & Famoum Team Presta Valve Adapter

God & Famoum Team Presta Valve Adapter

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We've all been there, you're 30 miles in on a ride and you catch a flat.

...and you forgot a pump.

So you trek it to the nearest gas station with an air pump only to find that it accepts standard Schrader valves only. 🤦‍♂️

This is why I ALWAYS rock a presta valve adapter on one of my wheels, on every bike, 24/7. Sure there's the slightest of slight weight penalty and it isn't the most aero thing to do but you won't catch me assed out at a Phillips 66 in the middle of Bumfuck, USA ever again.

Enter the Team Presta Valve Adapter. Use this adapter to convert Presta valves to a standard Schrader valve. Simply open up your presta valve and screw the adapter into place to allow for a standard inflator pump or gauge.

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