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PORISE Lens Cap Holder - Black

PORISE Lens Cap Holder - Black

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Development History
To ensure you don't miss any photo opportunities while cycling, PORISE has developed a camera strap specifically for cycling. On the other hand, I always keep my lens cap in my pocket or front bag, but when I'm cycling, I usually don't have the space to store it. I often find myself rummaging around wondering where I put it. . .

On the other hand, this holder can be used not only as a lens cap, but also as a chest accessory case. We developed this product with the idea that it would be more convenient to use in combination with a cycling camera strap when bikepacking where storage space is limited.

Recommended for these people
✔ People who use PORISE cycling camera straps
✔ People who often take photos outdoors
✔ People who tend to lose their lens caps and lens filters
✔ People who want to take photos in a light style
✔ People who want to use it as a storage space for accessories when shooting

Product Features
✔ No more need to put the lens cap in your bag or pocket. You won't have to worry about looking for the lens cap after taking a picture, which will help prevent loss.

✔ Outdoor activities and bikepacking where storage space is limited. This is useful because most cases don't have room to store it in your pocket or bag. Recommended for those who want to enjoy shooting in a light style.

✔ The outer material is made of highly water-repellent and abrasion-resistant fabric, and the back is made of brushed fabric to prevent scratching the lens filter surface. It is also perfect for outdoor use.

✔ Suitable for sizes up to 77mm. It can be used not only as a lens cap or lens filter, but also as a spare battery, accessory case, or coin case. It is useful in a wide range of situations.

✔ In addition to PORISE cycling camera straps, you can also easily attach camera straps made by other companies because they are attached with Velcro. You can use multiple straps depending on the shooting scene.

Product Summary
Outer material: Argyle Ripstop
Medium: Urethane
Lining: Brushed
Weight: 20g
Color: Black/White
Size: Φ90x15mm
Compatible lens cap size: Up to Φ77mm

Q. Can I use camera straps other than PORISE?
A. Yes, of course you can use camera straps made by other companies.

Q. Can it be used in situations other than cycling?
A. Yes, of course.

Q.Can it also be used as a accessory case?
A. Yes, in addition to the lens cap, it can also be used to store small items such as lens filters, batteries, coins, earphones, keys, etc.

Q.Will the lens filter surface be scratched?
A.The lining is made of brushed fabric and is designed to be scratch resistant.

Q.Is it completely waterproof?
A. The argyle ripstop outer material is resistant to dirt and water, but it is not completely waterproof.

Q.Is the material X-PAC?
A. No, it's a material called argyle ripstop. Argyle ripstop has a three-layer structure of nylon + X-PLY + polyester, and is structurally almost the same as X-PAC.

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