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Runwell MEX Hex Wrench

Runwell MEX Hex Wrench

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Easily measure handlebar and seat post positions. Popular hexagonal wrench with the hardness and flexibility of chromoly steel.

MEX is a ball hex allen key with a scale. Found a measure in the bag of a keirin racer, which led to the development of this wrench.

Measures up to 110mm. Large size markings on two sides enables you to confirm sizes easily. We adopted black dyed finish which does not compromise machining accuracy since there is strict dimensional tolerances for hexagonal wrenches. Regular maintenance is preferred to avoid rusting.

It is possible to measure from the tip of the wrench. Length, depth, and width can all be measured while working, which improves work efficiency.

Length: 145mm / 165mm / 185mm
Weight: 17.5g / 31g / 50g
Material: Steel

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